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Tooth Extraction

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When Do I need to extract my tooth?

The teeth is one very important part of human body. Every possible effort should be made to preserve the natural tooth. In few situations, where the tooth has decayed a lot or due to poor periodontal condition, extraction is advised. Also wisdom tooth problems is one scenario where extraction is advised. Tooth Extraction in Raipur is one procedure which is done very carefully in a really affectionate manner so that patient becomes really comfortable. A dental extraction is the amputation of tooth from the dental socket inside the alveolar bone.

What are different Types of Extraction Treatment ?

There are two types of extraction techniques:

Simple Extraction: that is applied on teeth that can be obviously seen within the mouth. Commonly, a dentist uses a device called elevator to loosen up the teeth from the jawbone and then utilizes a device called forceps in an effort to take out the tooth.

Surgical Extraction: this is a more advanced technique and relatively complicated than simple extraction. Surgical extraction at Crown and Roots is carried out by highly qualified oral surgeon. Few cases stitches may also be required which are removed seven days after the extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The third molar which erupts in the age of 18 to 23 years can really give problems like swollen gums , reduced mouth opening during its eruption stage. After taking proper x-rays, if the clinician finds out less jaw space then he may advise surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth.

Why choose Nakoda Dental Clinic & Advanced Orthodontic Care for Extraction treatment in Raipur?

If you are affected by any dental difficulty and infection, Nakoda Dental Clinic & Advanced Orthodontic Care is the premier dental clinic for tooth Extraction remedy in Raipur. We are offering the best teeth extraction treatment and dental care at the maximum cost-effective costs. All the procedures for extraction is performed by qualified oral surgeon.

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