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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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These are dental problems which specifically include treatment options such as giving multiple crowns or bridges to restore normal function and form in the oral cavity. Patients presenting with lot of missing teeth or severely worn out teeth are the ones who require full mouth rehab.

When do I need a full mouth rehabilitation ?

  • Severely worn out teeth
  • Several missing tooth
  • Deep bite cases
  • Maximum of the tooth have decomposed
  • Immoderate erosion of the enamel
  • Inherited issues occasioning in poorly-formed tooth

Full mouth rehabilitation and full mouth reconstruction

Dental Implants - We offer dental implants where there are missing teeth and occlusion can be restored.

Dental crown & bridge work - we must deliver individual crowns or dental bridges where the teeth are broken, attired or worn down. We offer each metal porcelain as well as Zirconia crown & bridges to our patients.

Dental Veneers - In which in the front teeth the surface is not properly or the edges are damaged veneers services excellent.

Root Canal treatment - We clean the infected and exposed root canals of your damaged and worn down enamel.

Core Treatment - we will equal your broken enamel and their root portions with the aid of doing root canal remedy and then we increase the tooth shape with this treatment manner.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Why Choose Nakoda Dental Clinic & Advanced Orthodontic Care for full mouth rehabilitation cases?

At our full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation dental clinic in Raipur, our specialist for such cases, evaluates each and every case by thorough clinical examination and full mouth X-rays. Then he/she discusses the treatment plan with patients to get an idea whether the patient is comfortable with it or not. After all the discussions with the patient and other specialists such as prosthodontist and periodontist, treatment plan is finalized and executed.

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